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Technology of Tomorrow Made Possible Today

Can a hearing professional utilize modern technology to increase diagnostic accuracy and create a unique patient experience? In Chris Howes' Hearing Innovation Expo talk, he focuses on the use of some unique tools to create a patient experience second to none. Join Chris as he discusses how utilizing tools like a Microsoft Kinect could potentially change patient interaction in the near future.

About Chris Howes

Senior Software Product Manager, Starkey Hearing Technologies

Chris Howes joined Starkey Hearing Technologies as the Technical Coordinator for Government Services in 1998 after spending eight years working at Bethesda Naval Hospital and Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He transferred to the Hearing Research & Technology group in 2000 to work on fitting software development. He has presented regularly for Starkey Hearing Technologies on a wide variety of topics from hearing aids to fitting software to telehealth. Howes is currently a Senior Software Product Manager and was the product manager responsible for Inspire® from creation until 2010. His current focus is on the design and development of mobile software applications and telehealth concepts.

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